Star Wars Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance

Jedi Poo-Doo
by Andrew Reiner on Sep 22, 2009 at 02:00 PM
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Rating: Everyone 10+
Reviewed on: DS

Jedi Alliance is the handheld companion to the recent Clone Wars animated movie and TV series. Using the TV show as a motif, each of the levels is designed as a stand-alone episode. The overarching story that LucasArts weaves into each level/episode is free of the childish camp found in the movie, and ends up being an intriguing journey delving into one of Star Wars' most mysterious factions, the Nightsisters. DS titles are not generally known for their cinematic flair, yet Jedi Alliance's strongest element ends up being its storytelling, which is captured in beautiful animated sequences and extensive voicework.

While Jedi Alliance captures the essence of the show, it makes a mockery of the Force. You won't be asked to levitate a slice of fruit across the table or grab a tongue mid-air, the Force just doesn't work in this game. You may be trying to jam a lightsaber into the back of a Sith witch, but instead your character jumps into a pool of water. The touchscreen spot recognition is way off the mark. Every lightsaber battle, mini-game, and acrobatic maneuver usually devolves into the player madly mashing the stylus against the screen.

This nearly broken gameplay made me kick and scream with annoying fury of a teenage Anakin, but at the same time, this game's experience tickled the fancy of my inner Star Wars fan boy. I got a big kick out of playing as C-3PO, and LucasArts depicted the Nightsisters in an interesting way. If you sleep on Star Wars sheets, give it a try. If not, pretend it doesn't exist – just like the animated movie.

Star Wars Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance

Jedi Alliance is the handheld companion to the recent Clone Wars animated movie and TV series.

Game Informer's Review System
Concept This ambitious handheld adventure soars in its storytelling, but hits rock bottom with aggravating stylus-based play
Graphics High production values in the character models, environments, and animations. These impressive visuals faithfully capture the look of the show
Sound A faint distortion clouds the excellent voice acting and orchestrated score, but isn't enough of a distraction to ruin the experience
Playability This is where the entire game falls apart. The touchscreen recognition is inconsistent, making for some scream-worthy deaths
Entertainment The original story is something every die-hard Star Wars fan needs to see. Just be prepared for the problems surrounding it
Replay Moderately Low