Soul Sacrifice

Keiji Inafune Wants You To Sacrifice Your Friends, Demo Coming April 16
by Mike Futter on Apr 12, 2013 at 06:19 AM
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Marvelous Entertainment
Rating: Mature
Platform: PlayStation Vita


With a wicked look in his eye, Keiji Inafune details the backstabbing underpinnings of Soul Sacrifice. Often compared to a more fantastical version of Monster Hunter, Inafune's new Comcept studio is finally bringing their first title to North America. 

In this latest trailer, which announces the demo coming on April 16, Inafune details the ways in which players will need to give of themselves and take from their friends. "If you are playing next to each other, you will see what it's like to terminate your friend's life," he says. The purpose is to create a moral dilemma and emotional reaction that Inafune believes "has never been done before."

Soul Sacrifice arrives on PlayStation Vita on April 30, 2013. Those that pre-order will receive bonus items and costumes.

[via PlayStation Blog]