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Soul Sacrifice

Watch Some Monsters Get Hunted In Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice, the Monster Hunter-esque action title from Keiji Inafune (the man behind Mega Man) finally has more than a teaser.

The Vita title encourage multiplayer, and will allow you to either sacrifice down partners for huge bonuses, or just revive them to rejoin the battle. Check out the trailer that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show below.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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  • Mod
    I really wish he would have developed this game for the PS3 instead, it looks great.

    Great for all you Vita owners out there though.
  • So it's Monster Hunter but with demons instead of dragons...AWESOME!
  • This seems pretty cool... never really played Monster hunter though:/

  • Was that a giant chicken with a face? Awesome.

  • dang that looks awesome

  • dang that looks awesome
  • Was getting excited till I saw it was Vita only :/
  • this is a very brightspot in a future that seems to be fairly bleak for the ps vita. i can only hope more games of this caliber are coming.

  • This really surprised me. When he earth bends to block an energy blast at 0:49, just take my munny for Christ's sake.

  • That thing reminds me of Ko the Face Stealer from that one Avatar episode.
  • A new Vita title?  From Keiji Inafune?  A Monster Hunter/God of War-esque game?  Sacrifice partners for huge bonuses?  Color me intrigued!  

  • Are you telling me that THIS is the game that Capcom didn't want Inafune to make? If so, Capcom has dropped the ball worse than I thought in recent years.
  • Uuuuh , what am I reading there?
    Inafune is the man behind Mega Man...?
    Not at all GI!
    He worked as a graphist after Mega Man 3 or so and ended up at the head of the studio way after...he's no one is the success of the saga.
  • I'm curious how they would balance it, so people don't just automatically sacrifice downed players. What benefit will there be to reviving them?
  • Day 1 purchase,no question.

  • At the 44 second mark in the trailer, they spell "its" wrong. There is no apostrophe in "its" in this case. Just saying. Other than that, this trailer makes me wish I had a Vita. It looks really good. I'm always in hospital waiting rooms, so I could use one of these.
  • Amazing video. Although I would like to see some of the demented abilities in concept art, in full animated action. Guy shoving his arm down his throat and ripping out a blade made of vertebrae? awesome!!

  • I will buy this

  • I hate when developers waste good games on the shittiest consoles and handhelds. Idiots...
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