Two Silhouettes Story Trailer Is Enchanting
by Mike Futter on Jun 02, 2013 at 08:05 AM
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Sony Japan Studio
Rating: Everyone 10+
Platform: PlayStation 3

Sony's Japan Studio is responsible for some of the most impressive and engaging games on the PlayStation Network. Most notably, the studio has produced the PlayStation 3's quirky and addictive Tokyo Jungle and the Vita's visually enchanting Gravity Rush.

Its next ambitious title is Rain, developed with PlayStation C.A.M.P. (Creator Audition Mash-up Project) and Acquire (Shinobido, Tenchu). We previewed the title at this years Game Developer Conference, and this latest trailer gives us a better idea of the story and how the concept of the invisible boy and girl are woven into the gameplay.

In some ways, what's shown suggests how Ico might play out if the player had been separated from Yorda instead of tasked with protecting her. The idea of the cascading water giving form to the boy and girl is visually stimulating, while opening up opportunities for creative stealth and puzzle scenarios.

Rain is due out later this year on the PlayStation Network.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]