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Quantum Break

Remedy’s Sam Lake Walks Us Through The Quantum Break Gamescom Demo
by Mike Futter on Oct 24, 2014 at 10:35 AM

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Platform Xbox One, PC
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Developer Remedy Entertainment
Rating Mature

At Gamescom this year, we had a chance to check out Quantum Break in action for the first time. In a new video, Remedy creative director Sam Lake walks us through the gameplay and the time-shifting powers featured within.

This segment follows Jack as he has to navigate a bridge under siege by Monarch forces under the command of villain Paul Serene. Quantum Break features familiar gunplay, but once the time-based powers come into the mix, the title starts to differentiate itself.

The other part of Quantum Break’s gameplay are the moments when time stutters. These require a bit of problem solving and some platforming, too.

We’re certainly looking forward to finding out more about the game and its story. This includes the live-action segments that will be woven into the narrative and relate to the choices you’ll make as Paul Serene at the end of each chapter.

Quantum Break is on track for release in 2015 for Xbox One. For more, read our impressions from Gamescom. Also, note the Night Springs t-shirt at the end of the demo. Remedy gave us an inside line on that when we saw them in Germany.

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