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Quantum Break

What You Didn't See After The New Quantum Break Demo

We all watched the eight-minute video of Quantum Break's intriguing time-freezing combat , but there's more content after that.

In case you missed it, give it a look below first.

Good. Now that we're all on the same page, let's talk about what happens after Jack time-launches a car at that armored enemy.

At the end of the video the time stutter was still active, which means the entire world is paused except for Jack. He climbs a ladder to get to a higher section of the bridge in order to get past some rubble. While he's moving along a catwalk, time unfreezes and a massive freight ship lumbers toward the bridge. Normally, it would open up and let the ship through safely, but because of the militant group's takeover, the bridge gets ripped to shreds as the ship crashes through.

Jack awakens hanging upside down from a metal bar frozen in space. He gets right side up and platforms along a string of floating wreckage. He gets back to the bridge and a car is crashing over and over again in a time loop. Jack has to wait for the right moment and uses his quick time dash to zip through when there's an opening.

He jumps along some floating truck parts and freezes a car as it passes in front of him. This creates a platform for him to cross over. Next, a semi spills its cargo on the road and a car sinks through a hole in the bridge. He jumps down through an open metal shipping crate that creates a makeshift slide and guides him safely to the ground below.

The demo ends here and Remedy's Sam Lake teases the next big step in development. The team will start shooting the live action television episodes that are spliced in between gameplay levels very soon. The episodes are targeting the 20 to 30 minute mark and will focus on the villainous Monarch corporation's side of the story. It'll be interesting to see how it all comes together next time we get a look at Quantum Break in action.

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  • Need more of Quantum Break,thank fully Horizon 2,Sunset Overdrive,and MCC are coming soon
  • This game makes me want an xbox one, and i am not ashamed of it
  • But what is the cost? and what exactly will we be paying for?
  • Hurry up Remedy! I'm tired of waiting to play this game!

  • Getting hyped.

  • Mod
    I've already mentioned this, but whatever engine Remedy is using is fantastic. The game looks gorgeous. Damn, I'm excited for all the actual current gen games that won't be held back by being forced into cross gen.
  • I'll be honest; I'm not excited for this game. It looks pretty generic with some time bending sprinkled on top of it. It looks good graphically, but the gameplay did not leave me all that impressed.
  • This looked better than anything I could have expected, this is on my list for my x box along with halo.. Not sure about the whole TV thing to it but we'll see I guess.

  • I'm wondering if as a whole people will be able to get into this if the live action things are 20 to 30 minutes inbetween levels. Perhaps if you can skip them, but then you're left with missing some of the storyline.
  • ...I need to see a lot more before being convinced. The current gameplay looks underwhelming considering just how drastic Max Payne and Alan Wake were. This time it feels more like an alternate take on Max Payne rather than its own thing -- in terms of gameplay at least. Story-wise, I'm curious, but gameplay-wise... I'm worried at what I'm seeing. This looks to have a lot more flare than substance right now.

  • After playing MGS 4 I really don't want anymore 30 minute cutscenes. If it's optional it's cool, but if you are forced to sit through 30 minutes of live action every time you beat a level count me out. The gameplay looked amazing and I want to play the game not watch a movie.
  • This really makes me want a new Matrix game.
  • Why didn't they just release the whole demo?

  • I hope this doesn't turn out to be a Defiance like flop. TV mixed with games makes me leery after how much I disliked that game.
  • That live-action garbage is the only thing that's completely putting me off this game. I don't understand why they're doing it. Do they not have enough of a budget to create CG cutscenes? Live action television episodes spliced in between gameplay levels? Lamest thing I have ever heard of and as someone who's been playing games since the Famicon, that's saying a lot. :/

  • I want it.

  • What a great concept.

  • Time on shrooms, i like it! lol

  • This game looks very intriguing and beautiful. Sucks it's only on XboxOne.
  • I preordered it last year when it was announced, I knew Remedy wouldn't disappoint. Looks awesome!

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