Gamescom Demo Premiers Eight Minutes Of Time-Warping Gameplay - Quantum Break - Xbox One -
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Quantum Break

Gamescom Demo Premiers Eight Minutes Of Time-Warping Gameplay

At Microsoft’s press conference earlier today, creative director Sam Lake presented a live demo of Remedy Entertainment’s new Xbox One Exclusive action game, Quantum Break. The extensive gameplay premier demo is over eight minutes long, and you can see it here right now.

In Quantum Break players take control of Jack Joyce, who has gained the ability to manipulate time from an experiment gone wrong. The gameplay demo below features Jack using his newfound powers to combat some sort of paramilitary organization that seems to be after him.

The ability to stop time looks like it's as helpful in a fight as you’d expect. Jack can use his ability for a number of different kinds of attack, like freezing time to run up to an enemy and knock him out, freezing an enemy in place to line up a shot easily, or even stopping time to run to better cover or hide. Jack’s time powers have a significant impact on how each fight turns out, with enemies constantly looking around to see where Jack’s gone, or dropping dead suddenly as time resumes.

Quantum Break is scheduled to release exclusively for Xbox One in 2015. For more on Remedy’s time-twisting action title, check out our Gamescom 2014 preview, the reveal trailer from earlier this year, or our interview with level designer and scripter Greg Louden. More more info on Quantum Break’s unique transmedia approach and tie-in television show, have a look at our interview with creative director Sam Lake

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  • Them visuals is off the charts, and the time powers look crazy fun.

    I just wish the animation was a bit better at times.

  • Mod
    The game looks beautiful. And I really like the ability of warping time as a game mechanic. The only thing I'm a bit worried about is the combat. It looked pretty shallow to be honest. He hid behind a box, slowed time, punched the guy. Hid behind another box, slowed time, and kicked a guy. The slowing down time to speed up the bullets was pretty cool. But after seeing him do it four times, it kind of lost its luster. I'm hoping the guy demoing it just wasn't giving a good look at it. Cause the story and the graphics and presentation of the game were stellar. I'm just worried about the actual gameplay.
  • I bought an XBO mainly because of Halo Master Chief Collection but this title was at the top of my list when buying it also. It's looking great and you can never go wrong with time manipulation powers! I was wondering at first if this was going to be less action and more story which I'd be okay with also but it appears action and crazy time manipulation is at the forefront. I now own both XBO and PS4 and honestly it's the way to go because too much talent on both sides.
  • What I saw was pretty sweet. But the combat looks like it has the chance to get stale quickly like Alan Wake's simple but tight controls. Towards the end it would be the plot that will have to drive the game forward.
  • premieres

  • I never played Alan Wake, so didn't really have to high of expectations for this game. Not sure if am sold on it yet, but at least now I am interested.

  • Fappable chart was off the scale for this footage. My Gawd

  • Everything looks beautiful and the details are so nice, like when you activate time stop and dash, the floor colors and tiles lift up.

    It looks and feels like it would play just like alan wake. However the only archaic method im I was not proud to watch here was conveniently set up cover areas with A.I. gaurdian an area before you can enter the next. I would love to have had the option to sneak.

    But since I absolutely love Alan Wake and have beaten the game 7 times and collected everything for no reason, Quantum Break will most definitly be a buy.

  • Had the same movement and handling as Alan Wake...this looks like Alan Wake meets DeusEx Human SEXY!

  • Looks like a winner if you ask me.
  • Man, this game is almost a killer app for me. It legitimately makes me want an Xbox One. I liked Alan Wake, but the gameplay in this looks greatly improved, and so does the story telling. It looks like it'll have as good story telling as Heavy Rain, but you know, actually be a game. The animation is so nice too. When he was taking cover and the guy was yelling at him the facial expression actually looked much better then what I saw in LA Noire.

  • Looks but Joyce looks like the most dreadfully boring and generic protagonist ever.

  • I love the turnaround. Everyone thought this game was gonna be a flop until they showed the gameplay.
  • This game look's f**kin' incredible.......WOW

  • Can't lie, that looks pretty sweet. Please be a timed exclusive. Please?!?!?
  • Game looks neat. But not going to buy a console for it.

  • Looks gorgeous, now all we need is a release date.

  • I so would have shot that idiot on the bridge if it was me . . .

    Okay I'll admit, using stopping time in the middle of gun fights sounds like alot of fun ^^

  • It looks beautiful

  • This game, along with Sunset Overdrive and the Master Chief Collection, sold me on the XB1. Now if we had some free-running across, say cars falling off a bridge while time was stopped, that would be awesome.

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