During a Microsoft press conference Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy, took the stage to give a live demo of the new Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break. The game looks like a lot of fun.

Lake called Quantum Break a cinematic-inspired action game. Players will get to control Jack Joyce, the "lucky" victim of a science experiment gone wrong that has left Jack with the ability to control time. During the demo, we watched Jack freeze time for limited bursts then run up to his enemies and jump kick them across the face. Jack can also freeze time in small localized areas and then fire off a round of ammo into these bubbles, creating a devastating hail that will shred through enemies, cars, or explosive gas tanks.

Jake will also run into time fissures where time across the world freezes. In Quantum Break, time is breaking down, and Jack will have to find a way to restore time before it breaks down completely and destroys reality. However, Jack's enemies have technology that allows them to function normally even during these time fissures, and Jack will face off against these enemies during boss-like battles.

The game will be coming exclusively to Xbox One in 2015. Stay tuned to Game Informer as we cover this promising looking title more later in the week.