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NHL 2K10 Review

NHL 2K10 Trips Over Its Own Skates
by Matt Bertz on Sep 28, 2009 at 12:43 PM
Reviewed on PlayStation 3
Also on Xbox 360
Publisher 2K Sports
Developer Visual Concepts
Rating Everyone 10+

With unresponsive skating and stickhandling skills, NHL 2K10 is a troubled hockey prospect. After taking the ice with a polished game like EA’s NHL 10, going to Visual Concepts’ latest hockey game feels like switching the channel between a pro hockey game and a high school hockey tournament. The new skating system falls flat on the ice, with cumbersome, rigid movement that lacks agility and stubbornly relies on speed burst and backpedal buttons. These feel like antiquated holdovers from previous eras, considering real hockey players skate all out on every shift and switch effortlessly between skating forwards and backwards. Coupled with wooden animations, limited pro stick controls, a bare bones franchise mode, and inferior online team play compared to the EASHL, NHL 2K10 sails too many shots over the crossbar. With so many red flags, we recommend passing this prospect over.

Visual Concepts comes to the rescue of a dying franchise, but comes up short
Player faces and arena lighting look great, but the wooden animations have got to go
Compared to NHL 10's Bill Clement and Gary Thorne, these announcers are bush league
Cumbersome controls and skating, unresponsive stick handling still plague this game. Why they don't just adopt the EA's superior controls scheme is beyond me
NHL 2K10 gets clearly outplayed by its competition. Leave this one in the bargain bin

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