A Heavy Dose of Mythological Creatures Cannot Make Up for Lackluster Gunplay
by Jeff Cork on Sep 22, 2009 at 01:58 PM
Publisher: Gamecock Media
Developer: Spark Unlimited
Rating: Mature
Reviewed on: Xbox 360
Also on: PlayStation 3

The first time you face one of Legendary's werewolves, they're terrifying. The snarling beasts are much faster than you, and their unwavering determination to chase you down is unsettling. Once the novelty of that encounter wears off, you'll spend the next few skirmishes focusing on headshots - the only actual way to kill them. Eventually you start wondering just how many more of the stupid things are crammed in Pandora's Box.

When art thief Charles Deckard opened the mythical container for a shadowy client, he probably had no idea that the legendary item was essentially a clown car full of a handful of repeating enemies. Aside from the disconcertingly bald werewolves, players will blast their way through hordes of the same griffons, minotaurs, and Black Order operatives. Even the few epic boss encounters can't save the otherwise generic gameplay.

Legendary has a fairly interesting story, but the by-the-books gameplay is in dire need of some caffeine. Deckard gains a few mysterious abilities at the beginning, including the ability to heal himself and use a feeble Force-push like move that's basically worthless. The levels take place around the world, but they're basically the same crumbled cities with different textures and color palettes. The destruction and chaos at the very beginning of the story is amazing, but everything that follows feels mundane in comparison. If you've cleared one room of werewolves and soldiers, it feels like you've done them all.

Legendary is by no means awful - it's just about as vanilla as first-person shooters get. It all wraps up with a completely unsatisfying ''wait for the sequel'' type cliffhanger. We'll see.

Game Informer's Review System
Concept An art thief opens Pandora's Box. Mayhem ensues
Graphics Adequate, but there's little that stands out in the crowded FPS market
Sound Solid, with a stirring score
Playability Controls as well as you'd hope from your average FPS
Entertainment Fun enough, but offers little in the way of innovation
Replay Moderate