Last Day Of June

A Promising And Emotional Adventure From The Creative Director Of Shadows Of The Damned
by Javy Gwaltney on Jun 04, 2017 at 03:53 PM
Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: Ovosonico
Rating: Everyone
Platform: PlayStation 4, PC

The upcoming Last Day of June is an adventure game by Massimo Guarini, who directed Shadows Of The Damned and created indie darling Murasaki Baby. Last Day of June follows husband Carl as he deals with the loss of his wife June, lurching into the past and trying to come into some form of peace in the present.

The game is a third-person adventure title with a puppet animation-inspired aesthetic devised by Jess Cope, who worked as an animator on Tim Buron's Frankenweenie.  You can watch a trailer for Last Day of June here:


I recently got the chance to play through Last Day of June at an event put on by 505 Games. I was impressed with the craft behind the animation and how effective the game was in putting me in Carl's shoes, delving into his memories and trying to overcome the overwhelming loss of his partner. I'm concerned a little bit about what will separate Last Day of June from the rest of the other emotionally driven adventure games when it's released but the unique aesthetic and where the game ultimately leads might pull it off and make it something special.

Last Day of June releases sometime in 2017. You can check out our review of Murasaki Baby here and our review of Shadows Of The Damned here.

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