Hyrule Warriors

Princess Ruto Makes A Splash In Her Fighting Debut
by Wayne Stainrook on Jul 24, 2014 at 11:36 AM
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Omega Force
Rating: Teen
Platform: Wii U

Nintendo has been drip-feeding us details on the upcoming Legend of Zelda/Dynasty Warriors collaboration in the months since its announcement. In a new trailer, we've got some additional details on what to expect from Hyrule Warriors, including multiplayer and overworld exploration, as well as some new characters in action for the first time.

The trailer shows a glimpse of two players roaming the battlefield at once - one on a TV using a Wii U Pro controller, and the other on the Wii U GamePad's screen. We also get a brief look at progression on the overworld map, modeled after the Hyrule from the original title, which presents opportunities to find treasure and complete trials.

You may have also noticed some previously unannounced characters making their first appearance in this trailer, such as Sheik and Princess Ruto from Ocarina of Time. Sheik totes the signature harp into battle, and Ruto throws water bombs and summons typhoons to drown enemies.

Hyrule Warriors launches September 26 for Wii U. For more, read our impressions of the recently announced Darunia and check out our running log of playable characters.