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Hyrule Warriors

Hyrulean Goron Leader Darunia Enters The Battle

A memorable non-human character from Ocarina of Time is entering the Hyrule Warriors battle.

Darunia is a tough leader, but many (or at least myself) remember him as the music-loving doorway protector of Ocarina of Time.

I got a chance to play as Darunia in Hyrule Warriors, and the fanciful spirit, balanced with a strength and the desire to protect his Goron brethren we saw in Ocarina of Time, translates well to Hyrule Warriors' button-mashing super battles.

Darunia is slower than any of the other fighters I have seen and played as in Hyrule Warriors so far. He carries a massive hammer emblazoned with an image the Spiritual Stone of Fire (just like his tattoo) and he slams it into enemies who get in his way. When he does need to get from point A to B a little quicker, he can roll up into a ball (as Gorons are known to do) for a quick burst of speed.

I built up Darunia’s special meter as I fought enemies in a huge underground lava area, excited to see what his special move looked like. Unleashing his attack begins with a quick dance break as he reenacts his dancing scene from Ocarina of Time, and then he unleashes his special, destroying pretty much anyone nearby.

He’s whimsical and powerful, all at once. Hyrule Warriors releases exclusively on Wii U on September 26.

Still want to know more about Hyrule Warriors? Take a look at my interview with the game's producers, including Eiji Aonuma, here.

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  • I love Darunia, and I'm stoked that he's playable. He kinda reminds me of the Krogan, actually. Princess Ruto and Sheik were also confirmed as playable too, so that's cool.
  • Sweet, so glad about this.

  • I really wanna play this game. Too bad I don't have a Wii U though. I so badly want one haha.
  • If the enemies decide to play Saria's Song, he's done for.
  • Various other characters and costumes was confirmed recently, too!
  • You guys forgot to mention Sheik and Ruto are playable characters, too, and Link and Zelda have Ocarina of Time costumes.
  • Called it.

  • So tired of these constant nintendo character updates that have barely any gameplay relevance. Unless you're a nintendo fanboy, nowone cares. Same goes for smash bros.
  • This game's roster will be at Smash Bros. level by September. Awesome!
  • This game just keeps looking better and better. I was gonna wait on buying a WiiU until Smash Bros. came out, but this game may cause me to get one earlier than planned.

  • Hey look, another male! In all seriousness, Darunia looks awesome. In DW, some of my favorite characters are the heavy power characters, and HW is pretty heavy on the light/mid-sized characters so far.
  • What about Ruto and sheik?

  • Cool, Kyle got to play as Darunia. I wonder when that was exactly, a while back and he had to keep quiet to now? I suppose it doesn't matter. Darunia is looking awesome and he even has the Megaton Hammer. This is really a fanboy's dream. Sheik and Ruto look awesome as well. I would love to see some more OoT love: Saria and Nabooru please. Gerudos are a fairly important race (Though, I have a suspicion that Shia is a Gerduo. So we may not get Nabooru). However, the 2D Zelda titles deserve some love too. They really only have the Fire Rod to represent them.
  • Yes! It'd be pretty funny if the game played a variation of Saria's Song whenever he appeared.

  • no footage :/

  • Still waiting for the Groose.
  • That Goron is carrying DOOM HAMMER!

  • Nice, now if they would include Fierce Deity Link, and not as just some simple alt costume, I might have to preorder this game!

  • Just got real.