Fenix Rage

Use Your Enemy's Ice Projectiles To Your Advantage In Birdbone Islands
by Wayne Stainrook on Jul 25, 2014 at 06:38 AM
Publisher: Reverb
Developer: Green Lava Studios
Release: Fall 2014
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4

With each new trailer from Green Lava Studios for their title Fenix Rage, we learn a little more about the title character's mastery over the elements. In his newest trailer, Fenix navigates through the game's fourth stage, Bonebird Islands, plagued by the chilling powers of villain Oktarus.

Oktarus's flurry of ice bombs can prove either help or hindrance to Fenix, given the situation at hand. For example, getting hit with them causes Fenix to plummet helplessly through the air as enemies whirl around, but the cold cube prison can also temporarily protect him from some hazards like laser traps.

Fenix Rage is expected to drop this fall, but San Diego Comic-Con attendees can play a demo at the event this weekend. For more, check out the trailer for World 3 and read our preview.