If you are a fan of hardcore platformers in the vein of Super Meat Boy, etch the name Fenix Rage into your mind. I had a chance to play the unassuming title yesterday, and found myself astounded by the work done by the three-person development team from Costa Rica.

The story of Fenix Rage is fairly straightforward. An evil creature has frozen and killed your entire town. As Fenix, you must chase the villain through the 200 levels to get your revenge.

There is no tutorial in Fenix Rage, digging deep into our past and reminding me what gaming was like with poorly translated (or no) manuals. Green Lava Studios CEO (and Fenix Rage programmer) Eduardo Ramirez told me that he wants players to recapture the feeling of discovery.

Fenix Rage is heavily inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog (there is even a teetering animation when Fenix is close to the edge of a platform that will look familiar to the blue blur's fans). He also pointed out that the art style is influenced a bit by SWAT Kats, a cartoon from the 1990s.

As I learned about Fenix's dash and ability to jump infinitely (think Flappy Bird without the emotional baggage), I found myself driven to get each level's tough to nab cookie no matter the number of deaths by bouncing green blobstacles. Getting the cookie isn't just for achievement fans. Green Lava has built in a tangible reward for the dedicated cookie fiends: recipes.

As you collect more of the baked goods, you'll unlock new recipes for different cookies. I expect that we'll see pictures of the goodies popping up when Fenix Rage releases on PC this fall. Green Lava is also targeting next-gen consoles and is currently exploring PlayStation 4 after having been very recently approved for development on the console.