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Evolution Dev Discusses DriveClub's Innovation

by Tim Turi on Aug 23, 2013 at 08:45 AM

Texting and driving is dangerous, but the upcoming PS4 launch title DriveClub makes connecting with your friends while racing safe. Developed by Evolution, the studio behind MotorStorm, DriveClub networks clubs of driving buddies through social networks via a mobile app. Players earn points together to unlock new content, which can be played on both PlayStation 3 and the Vita via its remote play function. To learn a bit more about Drive Club we sat down for a chat with game director Col Rogers.

Watch the video below to see Col and I discuss how DriveClub stands out from other racing games, the free PlayStation Plus version, and why he aspires to be like the musician Sting.

DriveClub launches with the PlayStation 4 on November 15. PlayStation Plus members can download a content-limited version of the game for free and purchase extra cars and maps, or you can buy the whole shebang like any other retail game. Learn more about DriveClub in this developer diary.

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