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Take A Ride With DriveClub In This Developer Diary

Evolution Studios unveiled its PlayStation 4 game DriveClub at the February PlayStation 4 event, and now some of the key developers at the studio are here to talk more about the game.

The official PlayStation Blog has posted this developer diary, wherein team members talk about the game's inspiration, the fact that it's not a pure sim, and how important the community will be in DriveClub. The game is formed around clubs, and earning accolades whether in single- or multiplayer will go towards the glory of your team, and challenges can be created and sent to those in your club as well as the world.

We expect to hear much more about DriveClub at E3, so stay tuned.

[Souce: PlayStation Blog]

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  • Mod
    I was excited about this game, until I read that light and heavy damage to the vehicles won't affect the handling or anything. I'm still waiting for a reason that I will NEED this game. What makes it better than all of the other racers out there? Graphics won't win me over so easily this generation, I want substance this time.
  • Glad GT6 is going to the PS3 it'll give this a much better chance to stand out at launch

  • I hope its a good simulator. I dont care about damage effect that much. But handling have to be good and real speed feel,not 0 to 100 in 2 seconds like arcade games.
  • Dat accent!

  • I'm really excited about this game.

  • Looks good. I can't wait for next gen software to really take off.

  • Seems like a nice alternative to Gran Turismo, especially since NFS has turned into a glorified Burnout game.
  • Sounds and looks pretty good so far. I'd like to see how this gets along during development...

  • all of a sudden i wanna buy the earforce px 22

  • And this is why it doesn't matter that Gran Tourismo 6 is a PS3 game. Evolution it handling the PS4 launch driving sim. Everything will be fine, GT fans....

  • It says right there on the name ..... DriveClub. I don't want to be part of any on-line auto club, I want a good SP experience. I agree that the game looks amazing.

  • "Not a pure Sim". Stopped reading. Personally unless its so far from a Sim that its just complete nonsense (Mario kart) I'm not interested. I don't like driving real cars that don't handle like real cars.

  • Dumb name but it looks great.