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Giant Spaceships Face Off As Dreadnought Enters Closed Beta This Week
by Mike Futter on Apr 26, 2016 at 07:17 AM

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Platform PC
Publisher Grey Box
Developer Yager
Release 2015
Rating Rating Pending

Ever since we first played it at PAX Prime 2014, Yager’s Dreadnought has been on our minds. The team-based multiplayer affair opts for methodical action over twitchy PvP. And it’s finally entering closed beta.

Since we first looked at Dreadnought, we’ve played the team deathmatch mode, the one-life team elimination game type, and experimented with some of the ship and weapon customization.

You’ll finally have your chance to give it a try if you sign up and are selected or buy a founder’s pack to enter the beta. The $9.99 Hunter Pack gets you a preconfigured medium Dreadnought hero ship, the Morningstar, 500 Grey Box points used for cosmetic customization, and seven days of experiencing boosting Elite Status when the game launches. 

It also includes a Hunter Pack cosmetics set and two invitations to bring friends into the fight. The recruitment packs include the Morningstar, 250 points, and a cosmetics set.

There is also a $39.99 Mercenary Pack, five hero ships (including the Morningstar), 3,000 points, 30 days of Elite status at launch, a cosmetic pack, and four recruitment codes for friends.

Dreadnought’s closed beta begins on April 27 for founders and April 29 for those selected via sign-up. You can voice your interest on the game’s official site

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