Giant Spaceships Face Off As Dreadnought Enters Closed Beta This Week
by Mike Futter on Apr 26, 2016 at 07:17 AM
Publisher: Grey Box
Developer: Yager
Release: 2015
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PC

Ever since we first played it at PAX Prime 2014, Yager’s Dreadnought has been on our minds. The team-based multiplayer affair opts for methodical action over twitchy PvP. And it’s finally entering closed beta.

Since we first looked at Dreadnought, we’ve played the team deathmatch mode, the one-life team elimination game type, and experimented with some of the ship and weapon customization.

You’ll finally have your chance to give it a try if you sign up and are selected or buy a founder’s pack to enter the beta. The $9.99 Hunter Pack gets you a preconfigured medium Dreadnought hero ship, the Morningstar, 500 Grey Box points used for cosmetic customization, and seven days of experiencing boosting Elite Status when the game launches. 

It also includes a Hunter Pack cosmetics set and two invitations to bring friends into the fight. The recruitment packs include the Morningstar, 250 points, and a cosmetics set.

There is also a $39.99 Mercenary Pack, five hero ships (including the Morningstar), 3,000 points, 30 days of Elite status at launch, a cosmetic pack, and four recruitment codes for friends.

Dreadnought’s closed beta begins on April 27 for founders and April 29 for those selected via sign-up. You can voice your interest on the game’s official site

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