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Take A Huge Spaceship For A Test Dogfight

When you think of space combat, your mind likely turns to games like Wing Commander, X-Wing, or even the upcoming Star Citizen. In those games, you're piloting a fragile snub fighter and, in some cases, running escort missions for larger ships like corvettes, cruisers, and even battleships.

But what if you were actually at the helm of a ship as big as Galactica instead of running interference from the pilot seat of a Viper? Yager's Dreadnought is all about giving gamers an answer to that question.

In Dreadnought, you are the captain of one of five classes of capital ship. These range from the faster, less armored corvettes (a larger ship by science fiction standards) to the hulking, titular dreadnoughts. Five-vs-five battles take place over sweeping vistas that benefit from the scale of being in such large vehicles.

Depending on your ship and your loadout, you'll have the ability to make short jumps into (or out of battle) to close distance or escape, broadside missile batteries, area of effect tactical nukes, and fighter bays to launch your own escort fleet to harass larger ships. It's a very different multiplayer experience that feels more strategic without dialing back on the action.

Dreadnought can be controlled via standard PC setup (WASD, mouse aiming, number buttons for abilities), but Yager is developing controller support, as well. Normally, this would be a detriment in PC multiplayer games, but Dreadnought's pacing is less twitch and more tactic.

The title is free-to-play, and Yager is planning on focusing on cosmetics for monetization (though the details are not yet ironed out). Progression is handled via a traditional experience/unlock system, with an end-game scenario focused on looting and manufacturing.

Ships will also have officer slots, and using those individuals in battle will improve their skills. Yager is planning to have approximately 50 different abilities available at launch, so there is diversity of ship builds in battle.

The small team of 35 people is building the game in Unreal Engine 4, and it looks fantastic. Yager is also working on Deep Silver's Dead Island 2, and the information sharing between the two teams has helped both projects, according to game director Peter Holzapfel.

There is still much work to be done before Dreadnought hits closed beta in January (followed by a planned launch in the second quarter of 2015). Yager is hard at work, and if the team succeeds in realizing its vision, those of us who have dreamed of being Adama instead of always playing as Starbuck will have a place to live out those fantasies.

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  • Interesting. There's never much of a focus on bigger ships in games. It kind of boils down to 'why would you want to be Admiral Ackbar when you could be Luke Skywalker?'
  • Sounds like fun. Yet, most games sound like fun before we play them. I'll be cautiously optimistic.

  • i cant wait i really hope this comes to console soon. Im shocked they haven't made a game like this yet

  • Love the design work in this.

  • Yager....these are the same guys who did Spec Ops: The Line right? Well, we know they're great at making a good narrative....and we know from their eponymous debut game that they're great at space games. Call me intruiged.

  • I just love the word Dreadnought it sounds so cool when you say it out loud.

  • Capital ships is all I think about when I think about a Space flight sim. Thats why these other games keep disappointing me.

  • Wish someone would make a space combat sim for ps4. These games are the only reason I have to spend the 3,000 on a worthwhile PC setup and I just can't justify that right now.
  • I love how people act like keyboards are some how better for fast paced games. Mouse can be better in a lot of cases, buy keyboards weren't made for games at all. They're clunky and they make it hard to perform certain functions in games, especially in fast paced shooters with sliding mechanics and such. Keyboards also encourage bad control schemes, 'cause there are just way too many buttons, and they allow developers to be lazy when assigning actions to buttons, but that's the developer's fault not the keyboard's. Anyway, keyboard almost never beats controller, but a mouse is fantastic for a lot of games.
  • Hm...interesting. will keep an eye out.

  • Typo note: on the Article header from the main page, it says, "Yager wants players to live out there big ship fantasies." I believe it's supposed to be their. Cheers :)

  • This actually makes me more excited for No Man's Sky more than Dreadnaught. Anybody else jacked for that game?

  • This game is pretty fun. I wish some of the ships were a little faster though. And it was kind of hard for me to get a good since of size on the ships. It would be nice to have more environment to compare them to. All in all though it was pretty darn cool.

  • Just as an FYI Star Citizen plans to allow this type of play as well with your crew being either NPC or human. They recently released a gameplay vid of their progress with three players manning one ship fighting three fighters.

    I'm happy to see such a resurgence in the genre, so many options coming out.

  • Seems like it won't have the same immersiveness as Star Citizen, but it at least looks interesting.