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Want To Watch Dreadnought’s Giant Space Ships Engage In Combat? Make It So
by Mike Futter on Oct 16, 2014 at 03:22 AM

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Platform PC
Publisher Grey Box
Developer Yager
Release 2015
Rating Rating Pending

At PAX 2014, we had the chance to play Yager’s upcoming free-to-play, capitol ship combat game Dreadnought. We liked it so much that we made another pass by the booth to play it again later in the weekend to take in the team’s very different approach to dogfighting.

In Dreadnought, you aren’t controlling snub fighters. You’re at the helm of ships the size of the Millennium Falcon, Enterprise, and Galactica. In a new video, game director Peter Holzapfel and designer Eino Joas talk through a game of team deathmatch.

You’ll get a look at a few of the different classes, and some variation within them. Dreadnought should be arriving in beta early next year, with release planned during the second quarter. For more, read our hands-on impressions from PAX.


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