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Disney Infinity

Here Are The Blind-Buy Power Discs Available At Launch
by Mike Futter on Jul 30, 2013 at 04:14 AM
Platform Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC
Publisher Disney Interactive Studios
Developer Avalanche Software
Rating Everyone 10+

In three years' time, the concept of toy-based digital titles has gone from a curiosity to one of the biggest draws for video game households with children. A new challenger is about to enter the market, and Disney has a new video to explain how the Infinity Power Discs will work.

Disney Infinity products come in a multitude of types. There's the starter pack that comes with three characters, three playsets and the Infinity base peripheral. Expansions come in the form of additional single characters and value bundles. Playsets come with two characters and a host of new adventure and Toy Box building options. Finally, there are the Power Discs.

Unlike everything else in the Infinity family, Power Discs are acquired in random, blind-buy packs of two each ($4.99). There are 20 in the first wave (pictured below). These fall into three categories: gadgets (equipment), vehicles, and power-ups. 

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For your reference, abilities are marked with a star (two of which can be stacked below each character on the Infinity base). Gadgets are marked with the ball, and customization elements (textures and skies) are denoted by a paintbrush.

Three of these (Dumbo, Buzz's Astro Blaster vehicle, and Elephant Abu) are "chase" figures and will be present in more rare quantities. In other words, the singles market for these is probably going to get pricey. 

There are two more waves coming, with minor teases on the Disney Infinity website. Wave two will include a Halloween Town customization disc and will include twenty items (with three chase discs). Wave three is only fifteen discs, with a single chase. It will include Alice's croquet flamingo gadget.

Disney Infinity will be out on Sunday August 18, 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. See below for a full list of Series 1 Power Discs.

Circular Discs

  • Bolt’s Super Strength – Character that you’re playing with does 10% more damage
  • Fix It Felix’s Repair Power – Character you’re playing with has 20% more health
  • C.H.R.O.M.E’s Armor Shield – In-game character receives -10% less damage
  • Pieces of Eight – In-game character gains 10% more loot

Hexagonal Discs

  • Mickey’s Car – Drive Mickey’s Jalopy in the Toy Box
  • Cinderella’s Coach – Drive Cinderella’s Carriage in the Toy Box
  • Kahn– Ride Kahn the Horse from “Mulan” in the Toy Box
  • Stitch’s Blaster – In-game character gets Stitch’s blaster from “Lilo and Stitch”
  • Carl Fredericksen’s Cane – In-game character gets Carl’s cane from “Up”
  • Sugar Rush
    • King Candy’s Dessert Toppings Texture Set– Adds a “Sugar Rush” theme from “Wreck-it-Ralph” to Toy Box terrain objects
    • Sugar Rush Sky Skydome – Adds a “Sugar Rush” theme from “Wreck-it-Ralph” to the Toy Box sky
  • Alice in Wonderland
    • Alice’s Wonderland Texture Set – Adds an “Alice in Wonderland” (animated film) theme to Toy Box terrain objects
    • Tulgey Wood Skydome – Adds an “Alice in Wonderland” (animated film) theme to Toy Box sky
  • Finding Nemo
    • Marlin’s Reef Texture Set– Adds a “Finding Nemo” theme to the Toy Box terrain objects
    • Nemo’s Seascape Skydome – Adds a “Finding Nemo” theme to the Toy Box sky
    • Tangled Lantern
  • Tangled
    • Rapunzel’s Kingdom Texture Set – Adds a “Tangled” theme to Toy Box terrain objects
    • Rapunzel’s Birthday Sky Skydome – Adds a “Tangled” theme to the Toy Box sky

Rare Hexagonal Discs

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Adds the Dumbo ride from the Parks in the Toy Box
  • Abu the Elephant – Adds the elephant version of Abu in the Toy Box
  • Astro Blasters Space Cruiser – Adds the Astro Blaster vehicle from the Buzz Lightyear attraction in the Toy Box

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