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Gunslinging And Chasing Trains In Disney Infinity's Lone Ranger Play Set

Disney and developer Avalanche Studios are taking a stab at Skylanders' bring-toys-to-life business model with Disney Infinity. Players transport classic and modern character figurines into the game by placing them on a special platform. One of the many modern play sets is tied to Disney’s The Lone Ranger, coming to theaters this July. Buying the set gets you Lone Ranger and Tonto figures, and unlocks a Wild West world to explore as the two characters. The kid-focused fun revolves around speeding trains, horse racing, and watered-down gunplay.

Each play set comes with unique features that you can’t find in other sets. You can’t ride horses or fire off six-shooters in The Incredibles or Monsters University, but The Lone Ranger lets you pull these features into the creative Toy Box mode. Want Sulley to ride around like a bandit across in your custom, cowboy-themed world? Go for it. Unfortunately, players won’t be able to construct a working train set like the one featured in The Lone Ranger play set, but train-shaped cars are available.

Developer Avalanche is gearing Disney Infinity towards kids, and that shows in the straightforward gameplay. I immediately felt at home playing on a 360 controller. Every horse in the game is as well behaved as The Lone Ranger’s loyal steed Silver, which makes riding easy. An automatic lock-on targeting system makes gunning down enemy bandits simple. Parents shouldn’t worry about gun violence; the firefights pack all the brutality of a cork-gun fight. The accessible controls make it easy to jump into missions like retrieving animals for a traveling circus or galloping against the clock through checkpoint races. 

Plains, ranches, and a small town populate the moderately sized open world. The Lone Ranger’s Wild West is colorful and clean, despite the gritty aesthetics you might expect. A sizeable locomotive chugs across the land on a sprawling, branching set of tracks. One of my favorite things to do is gallop alongside the train and leap aboard. Hopping across train cars and standing atop the engine is fun for gamers of all ages.

Disney Infinity’s colorful, varied play set worlds look promising, but it’s yet to be seen how much content they deliver in terms of playtime and replayablity. If swapping through a big cast of beloved characters and exploring a wide range of locales is your thing, you might be in for a treat when it launches on August 18 for 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, PC, and 3DS. 

For more information on pricing and other details, read this preview.

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  • Do you get to play as Depps racial stereotype too?

  • I really like the user-created content. It's just to bad that I can't fit a game that requires this many extras into my budget.
  • This settles it, I will get Disney Infinity; but it will probably be on my backlog for a few months.

  • This game still charming the heck out of me. I don't know if my wallet will be able to handle all of it.

  • These toy-to-game business models scare me. Resisting Skylanders is one thing, but the juggernaut that is Disney? I don't know if my wallet's ready for this.

  • Yey more action figures of Johnny Depp...though the Tonto figure doesn't look like him.

    I would like to see Bambi in a survival Horror pack.
  • Oh man, first Monsters University looks to play like Bully. Now this invokes the idea of Red Dead Redemption. I might actually be getting pumped to play Infinity.

  • This game looks so fun. The more I see of this game the more excited I get. Should be a blast to play the game with my kids. My 9 year old son and I have had a great time with the Skylander games, but my daughter 6 was never that interested in Skylanders, but she is so excited for this game.

  • Haha, that set actually looks pretty cool.

  • So, does this mean we can have Tonto and Jack Sparrow face off?

  • Yet another playset that nobody asked for, but gets in because The Mouse House needs to "synergize" their awful movies with this game here, in lieu of putting in IP people actually want to see. Ugh. Disney Infinity, can you please stop doing this?

    At least Tonto being here bumps up the number of woefully under-represented Native American game characters. They're up to, what... six now? The guy from the NES game, "Whomp'Em"... T.Hawk from Street Fighter...The main character of Brave: Spirit Dancer... Julia Chang from Tekken... Tonto here... Michelle Chang from Tekken... yup, that's about it.

    And the ladies think THEY have it bad in video games.
  • idk i might get it if they do marvel one

  • are kids even going to watch that movie? What's it rated?