Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut

Swery Talks About The Revamped PS3 Version
by Joe Juba on Apr 26, 2013 at 12:01 PM
Publisher: Access Games
Developer: Rising Star Games
Rating: Mature
Platform: PlayStation 3

Depending on who you ask, Deadly Premonition is either  a brilliant masterpiece or an archaic mess. I fall into the former camp; for all of its flaws, the 360 version is one of my favorite games of this generation. To say the least, this survival horror title inspires mixed opinions, and now PS3 owners get to see what the all the controversy is about. A remastered version of the game is coming to Sony's console courtesy of publisher Rising Star Games, and creative mastermind Hidetaka Suehiro (aka Swery) answered a few questions for us about this update to his bizarre small-town murder mystery.

GI: When beginning work on the director’s cut, how did you decide which areas of the game to improve?

Swery: The first thing I thought was, “I want to be able to deliver this fantastic game to the PS3 owners too,” but 2 years after the release of the original version, I started looking at consumer and press feeback and thinking that we might be able to improve upon some points which don’t quite suit the recent video games movement. For example: the game’s controls and graphics. That was where we started.

Praise for Deadly Premonition is often followed by less flattering remarks about the game’s graphics or controls. Is that response disappointing for you, or are you just happy that so many people enjoy other elements of the game?

I am always ready and willing to welcome feedback from the fans that actually played my game, and always consider them to be right. The most important thing to me is whether or not they enjoyed the game. And speaking from a graphic and control perspective, I did take their feedback, comments, and concerns, and have translated them into Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut.

Some people seem confused about the remastered graphics, because the director’s cut is coming out on the same generation as the original. What about the visuals has changed?

Yes, I improved (changed) the quality of the graphics by giving most of the game a major texture overhaul, but I believe it won’t change or degrade anything related to the fun of this game…if anything I am hoping that it will only enhance the experience. I believe the players who played the original version will wholeheartedly agree with this thought of mine.

The number of games in 3D has decreased in the last couple years. Why include that feature in the director’s cut?

Mostly because I love 3D movies!

The director’s cut is obviously perfect for new players. For those of us who have played the original, what should we look forward to the most when we play this version? 

I would have to say the newly added scenario. I added an all-new scenario to the Director’s Cut primarily for the really big fans of Deadly Premonition. I wanted to offer them something fresh while not deviating from the original version of the game. The new scenario will be fun and entertaining to the really big fans of the original and for those new to Deadly Premonition. 

I love the original ending to Deadly Premonition. With the new story content, how significantly will it change?

Basically, I didn’t want to change anything from the original story because I feel that it is already complete. But with the new scenario, those who played the original version will be able to get new, deeper look and translation into the world of Deadly Premonition that will be played out over the course of the Director’s Cut. 

After working on this game for so long, I’m assuming that you’re ready to move on to new projects. Whether it stars York or not, do you see more of the Deadly Premonition in your future?

I am very keen on revisiting the world or Deadly Premonition and I am trying to find a way now.

I love you all!

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