Chime Super Deluxe

Chime Super Deluxe: The Definitive Version Of Zoë Mode's Musical Block Puzzler
by Annette Gonzalez on Mar 30, 2011 at 11:30 AM
Publisher: PlayStation Network
Developer: Zoe Mode
Rating: Everyone
Reviewed on: PlayStation 3

The original Chime first released under non-profit video game publisher OneBigGame and developer Zoë Mode for Xbox Live Arcade (and eventually on PC). With each $5 download, players made a charitable donation toward Save the Children and Starlight Children’s Foundation. Now Zoë Mode returns with a deluxe commercial release (not for charity) of the audio/visual puzzler for PlayStation 3 users.  The team brings back tracks from the original Chime and pads the set list with five more mesmerizing tunes and grids, plus four-player multiplayer, making Chime Super Deluxe on PSN ideal for first-timers.

Chime has often been compared to the likes of Lumines, which is far from being a bad thing, and gameplay for Chime Super Deluxe remains largely the same as its addicting predecessor. You’ll be given randomly chosen Tetris-style blocks in a variety of shapes that you’ll place on a grid to create rectangular “quads” that need to be the minimum size of 3X3. You’ll rush to keep expanding upon your quad for the greatest possible grid coverage before the moving beatbar passes over it and locks it in (changing the color of that area). Your ultimate goal is to cover the grid in its entirety all the while a hypnotic musical track slowly builds as you progress. One round with a grid usually lasts nine minutes, however a variety of time modes in the three and six minute range ramps amp up the challenge to get as much coverage as you can before time runs out. If it sounds identical to the original Chime, it’s because it is, however the addition of new tracks and grids gives the harmonious experience some more length.

Another new addition in the PSN version is co-op and versus modes. You take on the simple to learn, tough to master gameplay experience on the single-player grids and share it with up to four friends who can work together to gain maximum coverage on a level, or sabotage your progress while advancing their own. Online multiplayer unfortunately isn’t available, but if you have a few friends over, Chime Super Deluxe’s multiplayer is the ultimate way to experience the game.

With new mesmerizing tunes and grids, and the inclusion of four-player co-op and versus multiplayer, Chime Super Deluxe on PSN is by far the definitive version.

Chime Super Deluxe cover
Chime Super Deluxe

With new mesmerizing tunes and grids, and the inclusion of four-player
co-op and versus multiplayer, Chime Super Deluxe on PSN is by far the ultimate version.

Game Informer's Review System
Concept Strategically place Tetris-like blocks on a variety of grids and cover its entirety in the allotted time for high scores
Graphics Visuals are simplistic and colorful. Looks great in high definition
Sound The excellent trance-inducing soundtrack is affected by your block placement and builds as you progress. Makes for a different musical experience each run through
Playability Mechanics are simple enough to grasp fairly quickly, but mastering your technique takes a little work
Entertainment Covering the game’s 10 different grids is fun on a solo run, but it’s even more enjoyable with friends
Replay Moderately High