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Celebrate Freedom From Early Access In This New Trailer
by Joseph Knoop on Oct 09, 2015 at 08:33 AM
Platform PC
Publisher Devolver Digital
Developer Free Lives
Rating Not rated

The totally bro-tacular multiplayer shooter is finally freeing itself from the shackles of Early Access. Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that Broforce is transitioning into full release next week, and they do it with the most American trailer imaginable.

The full release will feature a new set of campaign missions as the bros travel to Hell for one final confrontation with Satan. Broforce musician Deon van Heerden and developer Free Lives have also released a five-track Freedom EP of Broforce music for early access buyers, including the trailer track “Ballad of Rambro.” The album will be available for purchase at a “prohibitively expensive” price after release, according to Devolver Digital.

The full release of Broforce also includes content released through early access since the game’s inception in 2012. This includes over a dozen characters like the Brominator and Brobocop, a level editor, and a versus and co-op mode. 

Check out the trailer if you’re feeling exceedingly patriotic and hungry for freedom fries.

Broforce is set to exit early access on October 15 on Steam, with PlayStation 4 scheduled for early 2016. Check out Mike Futter's impressions on it from last year.

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