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Broforce Had Me Laughing From Start To Finish

The wonderful thing about the indie movement is that there are so many teams willing to take risks, try something new, and just have fun. And then there are developers like Free Lives that take that ball and run as hard and fast as they can for the end zone.

Broforce features a cast of recognizable characters that have been bro-ized. There are currently 15 playable bros in the early access build, but Free Lives is aiming for 30 by release. 

During our demo, we had two other players with us. Each new level and every new life (only earned by free bro hostages) assigns a random bro. This makes things more challenging, because each has a different weapon and special ability.

For instance Brade (Wesley Snipes’ Blade) has a sword slash and a flying sword attack. The Brominator (Terminator) has a minigun and can make himself temporarily invincible. 

My favorite was the Bro in Black, who looks like Will Smith’s Agent J from Men in Black. He has a weapon that works like the “noisy cricket.” It’s extremely powerful, but it will send you flying backward.

As we began each new level, we raced from left to right, shooting and generally making things explode into chunks of stone and flesh. It’s a cooperative game, but the funniest moments came when one of us accidentally dropped a ceiling on another player. 

The three of us were giggling the entire time as we killed terrorists, forced our way through the explosions, and murdered Satan at the end of each stage. After the Devil gets his due, a helicopter swoops in, and more often than not only one player makes it out. This creates a competitive environment in the last few moments of each level that drastically changes the dynamic for comical situations.

Broforce’s pixelated action borrows from the recent surge of arena fighters like Towerfall and Samurai Gunn. The clever shift from co-op to competitive play in the final seconds of each stage create a perfect dynamic for couch sessions.

By the time I finished playing Broforce, there were tears in my eyes and my face hurt just a bit from laughing. Broforce is in early access right now, with plans for a summer release. 

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  • In the words of RageSelect, "Oh, look at that, it's the Devil in a business suit - F*** YOU, THE DEVIL!" This game is great... I got the free Brototype, but it keeps crashing on me. Sad panda.
  • I played this game at the SXSW Gaming Expo. Pretty cool.

    Fyi, for those that don't know, there's a free 'brototype' (no I didn't come up with that, kinda wish I had though, heh) on Free Lives' website here:

  • It looks amazing, but does anyone know how long the devs intend the game to be?
  • Whoa! this looks fantastic. I must play it.

  • Seeing what bros unlock is the part I find amusing even while watching other people play.

  • Angry Joe just released a video of him playing Broforce. It looked like it was lots of fun. You can buy it now on Steam Early Access.

  • Pass

  • You can easily tell that this game draws inspiration from Cave Story. I'm happy to say that this game looks like a really good game to get along with Mercenary Kings :D

  • All hail steam.

  • This sounds right up my alley, and as Konami seems intent on forgetting about the Contra franchise for the time being, I may have to look into this. I hope it can find its way to consoles.

  • Maybe it should say what platform a game is on at the top instead of way down at the bottom in "file under" and "games mentioned in article". Just sayin. Oh wait, there is a forum catagory tree up top. In the interest of fashion they made it small grey and hard to notice.
  • I know a lot of PC only games get these sort of comments but I do believe that this would be a game suited really well for consoles. Couch co-op, come on.

  • Bring it to PS4!!!