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Between The City and The Needle

Trailer Released For Sci-Fi Conversation Simulator
by Javy Gwaltney on Dec 26, 2015 at 05:00 AM
Platform PC
Publisher Nightmarea Games
Developer Nightmarea Games
Release 2016
Rating Rating Pending

How discerning are your eyes and ears? Can you spot a liar's tics with ease or turn their contradictions back on them? Between The City and The Needle, billed as a sci-fi conversation simulator, might give you the opportunity to put those skills to the test. In the game you play as Employee 172, an interrogator in a futuristic world trying to determine if your subjects are human or "an unknown species mimicking human form" by talking with them.

The trailer shows around two minutes of footage, including how the player can interact with subjects, letting the you choose to sympathize with them or intimidate them, as well as a secondary email component that suggests corporate espionage.

Nightmarea Games, a development team comprised of two individuals, is developing the game for PC. No release date has been given though the developer's website says both a playable demo and crowdfunding campaign for the game are coming in the near future.

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