e3 2015


Actually, War Changes Sometimes
by Christian Belland on Jun 18, 2015 at 10:22 AM
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: BattleCry Studios
Release: 2015
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PC

BattleCry, the first project from Bethesda's aptly-named BattleCry Studios, takes place in an alternate history where wars are fought in multiplayer team-based arenas called WarZones. A new batch of screens from E3 show off warriors from the game's three factions and a battlefield set in a shipping yard.

The folks in red are the Imperial Marines. The Han Republic is in green, and the Cossack Empire is represented with yellow. BattleCry has five classes: Enforcer, Brawler, Ranger, Duelist, and Gadgeteer. Each class has different equipment based on the empire they represent, as well as a different name and backstories. Similar to Blizzard's Overwatch, these are characters and not just classes.

One of these WarZones is explored in the screens as well. Based on the color scheme and architecture, the riverside town might be in Han Republic territory.

BattleCry is a free-to-play game exclusively for the PC. The beta starts this fall. Take a look at the new trailer here, and our earlier preview here.