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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 4K HDR Remaster Confirmed

by Liana Ruppert on Apr 12, 2021 at 08:03 AM

The CGI Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie first made its debut back in 2005 and offered even more of a backstory to the story of Sephiroth, SOLDIER, and the fight we faced in the film's game counterpart. With the Final Fantasy VII Remake being such a hot topic, the film is also getting a makeover with a 4K HDR remaster slated for June. 

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's 4K remaster will arriving on June 8, two days before the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and its Yuffie DLC addition. Some have said that this film was an unnecessary and confusing addition to the Final Fantasy universe, but I've always disagreed with that statement. Advent Children takes place two years after the events of the game, and it provides a closer look at what drove Sephiroth. With children suddenly being infected with an "unexplained disease," Cloud Strife once more goes front and center to help those in need. Even when he himself has the same disease. 

Advent Children was directed by Tetsuya Nomura and was written by Kazushige Nojima. Produced by Yoshinori Kitase and Shinji Hashimoto, the film's spinoff was an interesting perspective on what we learned in Final Fantasy VII. While reviews for the CGI take weren't the best, mostly for the annotation of confusion noted above, veterans of the franchise that were familiar with the premise praised the movie. So much so that it even won the Maria Award during the Sitges Film Festival alongside the award given during the American Anime Awards back in 2007. 

For those interested, the official synopsis can be seen below: 

Continuing the storyline based on the hit Playstation game Final Fantasy VII, two years have passed since the ruins of Midgar stand as a testament to the sacrifices made in order to bring peace. However, the world will soon face a new menace. A mysterious illness is spreading fast. Old enemies are astir. And Cloud, who walked away from the life of a hero to live in solitude, must step forward yet again.

Thoughts on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children getting the remaster treatment? What are your thoughts on the film as a whole? Shout them out, loud and proud, in the comment section below! Sephiroth would want you to

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