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Playing Hard documentary

You Can Now Watch The For Honor Documentary, Playing Hard, On Netflix

by Jeff Marchiafava on Apr 05, 2019 at 12:19 PM

If you’re a fan of video game documentaries, Netflix has your Friday night covered. Playing Hard is a full-length documentary that follows the years-long development of For Honor, Ubisoft’s knights-versus-vikings-versus-samurai action game. And unlike the plethora of behind-the-scenes dev diaries that studios offer fans these days, Playing Hard isn’t just a marketing ploy; the movie was made by independent film maker Jean-Simon Chartier, who had to fight with Ubisoft halfway through the game’s development to retain unfettered access to the studio. As such, the film doesn’t shy away from the production problems and clashing personalities that go into creating a triple-A video game, which you can get a hint of in the trailer below.

We were impressed by the passion and larger-than-life personality of For Honor's creative director, Jason VandenBerghe, when we spoke to him on The G.I. Show, and we're sure he has plenty of interesting things to say in the documentary as well. Playing Hard is available now to all Netflix subscribers.