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God Of War Art Director Putting His Spin On Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters

by Jeff Cork on Jan 07, 2019 at 09:50 AM

God of War and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were two of the biggest games from last year, and they've come together in a curious way. Sony Santa Monica art director Raf Grassetti has been keeping busy by drawing his own interpretation of the roster from Nintendo's brawler.

He's released five on his Instagram so far, as well as a tease to what's ahead. His take on Sonic is his most recent creation, and while it's uncomfortably close to some other creepy things we've seen, it's still fun to see a different look at such a familiar character. No, we're not talking about you, upcoming movie Sonic.

With more than 70 characters in the game, Grassetti has his work cut out for him. Check out his Instagram to see what he's done so far, including Bowser, Fox McCloud, Link, and Samus.


[Source: Instagram]

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