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Tom Hardy's "Favorite 40 Minutes" From Venom Were Cut From The Movie

by Imran Khan on Oct 01, 2018 at 03:50 PM

Venom oozes its way into theaters later this week, which means lead actor Tom Hardy is making the interview circuit for the movie. In one, however, the actor was asked his favorite part of the movie, and mentioned that his favorite parts were 40 minutes that were cut from the final edit.

In a video interview with ComicsExplained, Hardy was specifically asked about his favorite scene. 

"Things that aren’t in this movie,” he answered. “There are,like 30 to 40 minutes’ worth of scenes that aren’t in this movie, all of them. Mad puppeteering scenes, dark comedy scenes, you know what I mean? They just never made it in.”

While these scenes could have been a result of wanting to adjust the rating for the movie, they were just as likely to be things that simply didn't fit the tone the director wanted. It's hard to say until we see how the movie is paced and edited when it releases on October 5.

[Source: ComicsExplained via ConsequenceofSound]