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From the Editor
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Welcome To The New

by Andy McNamara on Jun 05, 2018 at 06:20 AM


In a letter last week, I talked about the improvements coming to the site, but today you get to see them for yourself. Yes, we lost some features, but we feel that the improved focus, usability, and simplicity of this site opens a new world of what can be, both now and in the future as we are prepared to support it by creating new features (and we may even bring back some old favorites - light switch anyone?).

I’d like to take a moment to point out the people behind the scenes that made this all possible. These aren’t names you see every day here at Game Informer, but our creative group and development group, who design the magazines you get every month whether you get in it in your mailbox or your inbox, were a huge part of this new site. They were all superstars and helped create the experience you have before you. Margaret Andrews, Curtis Fung, Kristin Williams, Shawn Gilligan, Jeff Akervik, Samm Langer, Laleh Azarshin, Jen Vinson, and every single other person on our staff page played a part in this creation. MVPs – each and every one.

Please spend some time looking around the site – we have lots of surprises I think our faithful readers will enjoy. And please give me your feedback, as it is extremely valuable and will help us shape the site to make it better for you today and tomorrow.

If you have read Game Informer in print, online, or in digital form I can’t thank you enough for your patronage. We love writing about video games, and we hope this new site connects us with our community like never before.



Some Highlights

Site Highlights

Video Players And Galleries Front and Center

We can put shows or trailers front and center, like in this post for the new Replay. And galleries too. 

Improved Navigation For Larger Stories

We can create custom navigation for longer stories like this guide to Pokemon Go

Unique Customized Features

We can create fully customized features like an exclusive look at the new Switch RPG Octopath Traveler from Acquire, Square Enix, and Nintendo.

Improved User Interface

All your favorite columns, hubs, and shows can be found in the navigation drop down, including access to your digital magazine.


Search...well, it works.


Comments should be faster than ever before with more ways to access them, and you can even add images to them (as long as they adhere to our code of conduct). You can sort by oldest, newest and best. You can even receive notifications when someone responds to your comments.

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

Look for more exclusive stories throughout the day, including a Spyro Reignited Trilogy feature. Come back this Saturday, June 9th, for our next cover reveal, as we will have something special for you.

Also, I'll be monitoring comments here all day. We will do our best to address your concerns and fix any bugs that may come up today. It is day one, and if this went off without a hitch we would be just as shocked as you. We also like compliments. We like those a lot. Did I mention compliments? Oh who am I kidding, flame us in the space below. Welcome to your new home, everyone. Remember, every site (except the first) we have ever put up has been called the worst thing we have ever done, and that we ruined the internet. Just saying. Enjoy the site.