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Big Changes Coming To - A Message From The Editor In Chief

by Andy McNamara on May 29, 2018 at 04:22 PM

I am so excited to tell you about a big change coming to Sometime in the next month, we are switching to a new, faster design. The new technology has been built from the bottom up with entirely new processes for us internally. Our new mobile-friendly site (yes, feel free to make your own "welcome to 2010, Game Informer" joke here) is built for speed. Editors will be able to update more quickly, our developers will be able to make changes at a massively increased rate, and our move to the cloud should give you the site performance you deserve as a loyal Game Informer reader.

We are testing the site's performance as we speak, so this change could happen as soon as next week (we would love to have it up and ready for E3). I felt it was important to reach out to you before the new site launched, as there are some major changes you need to be aware of.

First, we will no longer be supporting user blogs. This one hurts. We love the great work our community created, but the sad reality is there were more malicious entities attacking us with bots than our company could deal with. Keeping the bots away was essentially a full-time job. That said, while this won't be ready for launch, the team here is working on a community version of where we will repost all of your pre-existing content to keep it for posterity, but new content will no longer be allowed. However, we might encounter other unforeseen issues, so with that in mind: If you have content on the Game Informer blogs that you would like to keep, I highly recommend that you create your own backup.

Second, we are closing the forums (for now) and switching our comments to Disqus. This change will give you more ways to interact as a community, and give our moderators more tools to keep the conversations civil. Signing up is easy if you haven't already, and the integration to the new site is simple and streamlined.

Finally, all our normal content will continue but with a much cleaner, responsive design that will let you enjoy content (and the digital magazine) however you like. But we will be able to deliver them in new and exciting ways, with enhanced performance and functionality from our video player, higher-resolution screenshots, better galleries, improved readability, and custom-designed previews and features.

I speak for the team when I say this change is just the beginning. I hope you are as excited as we are. I will keep you updated in the coming days as to our status, and I want to take a moment to thank the entire team here at Game Informer. You all know the editors and our video team, but there are so many other people behind the scenes that make the magic happen. These teams worked their hearts out to make this new site happen, and this change is a direct result of their passion.

Enjoy this little sneak peek and let me know your thoughts. This is your site, and we will do our best to listen and make it as good as we can for you.



A glimpse of the home page on various devices

The mobile edition is one of the biggest changes for the new site

Update: I talked about the upcoming changes to the website on Episode 401 of The GI Show