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exclusive elden ring gameplay

Exclusive Elden Ring Gameplay – Exploring Castle Mourne

by Daniel Tack on Jan 28, 2022 at 03:43 PM

Elden Ring features numerous mini-dungeons like caves and catacombs to explore alongside giant sprawling dungeon crawls like Stormveil Castle. Castle Mourne, nestled in southern Limgrave on the Weeping Penninsula, is a place where horrors abound. Chimeric leonine creatures and other surprises await the player should they dare approach. While this locale would fall into the mini-dungeon classification, it's substantially larger than any of the minor offerings that I experienced during my 10 hours of gameplay, with a dangerous approach and several checkpoints. 

Watch our exclusive Elden Ring gameplay in the video below. Afterward, check out our commentated breakdown of the footage here.

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