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Meet Hyper Light Breaker's Last Master Miniboss With Director Alx Preston

by Charles Harte on Apr 11, 2023 at 11:01 AM

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For April's issue of Game Informer magazine, we took a look behind the scenes at Hyper Light Breaker, the latest game from developer Heart Machine. In addition to an interview with Creative Director Alx Preston, we were able to view exclusive footage of one of the game's mini-bosses, The Last Master. Check out the reveal below.

The Last Master is a deadly opponent that spawns randomly when players (known in this world as Breakers) activate beacons, objects that allow them to access the main boss gate. If you think she looks similar to the player characters, you've got the right idea; in the video, Preston says "She ended up here in this land as a Breaker and succumbed to the dangers of the Overgrowth." As a result, The Last Master's arsenal mirrors yours, wielding a sword, a spear, and an automatic pistol. Her behavior mirrors the Breakers' as well, and she can dash, jump, and climb after anyone that attempts to escape.

While the first game in the Hyper Light franchise was a 2D single-player experience, this new title is a 3-player co-op rogue-lite, with a new procedurally generated open world on every run. Players will create a Breaker, explore a cursed land called the Overgrowth, and attempt to the bosses plaguing this realm known as Crowns.


For more of the game, check out our feature in the latest issue of Game Informer. You also can see the initial reveal trailer here and the IGN's gameplay reveal right here. Hyper Light Breaker enters early access this fall.

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