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E3 2021

Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay Revealed, Fall Release Date Set

by Liana Ruppert on Jun 12, 2021 at 03:10 PM

Rainbow Six Extraction, formerly known as Quarantine, just dropped new gameplay for fans to enjoy during E3 2021. The latest look at the upcoming Ubisoft title shows off a look at the Incursions, as well as Rainbow Six Extraction release date information. 

First things first, when is Extraction dropping? Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on September 16. That gives the title a little bit of breathing room before the holiday season boom, providing players a chance to go up against a rising threat. Take a look at the latest Rainbow Six Extraction trailer below: 

With this game, players will need to team up and work cooperatively in order to defeat the hordes of enemies that are there to stop you from completing your mission. In this instance, you're having to dive deep into the bowels of danger in order to extract (see what we did there) a missing operator. Getting to them is no easy feat, however, and it's up to players to communicate with one another to beat past various enemy types in order to recover the MIA operative in action. 

Rainbow Six Extraction isn't anything truly revolutionary, and it doesn't have to be. This standalone experience draws from common tropes in this genre and tailors it to fit within the Rainbow Six universe. Siege players will note a few operators as looking familiar, and gear works similarly as well. It puts a more tactical edge on PvE, an edge that fans of this particular branch of Tom Clancy's adventures will find enjoyable for an experience beyond what Siege has to offer. 

Rainbow Six Extraction makes its grand debut on September 16 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Luna, and Google Stadia.

What are your thoughts on what we've seen of Rainbow Six Extraction? Are you excited to learn more about this co-op experience with Rainbow Six Extraction or are you all Tom Clancy'd out? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! Be sure to also mosey on over to our dedicated E3 2021 event hub here to catch up on any news you may have missed. 

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