e3 2018

Nintendo On Metroid Prime 4's E3 2018 Absence

by Kyle Hilliard on Jun 12, 2018 at 11:45 AM

One of the biggest games to make an appearance (if you consider a logo reveal an appearance) at E3 2017 was the confirmation that Metroid Prime 4 was in development for Switch. This year, however, the game is a no-show. We spoke with senior product marketing manager for Nintendo America Bill Trinen and localization manager Nate Bihldorff and asked them why the game did not make a return appearance for this year's E3.

Is there anything you can say about Metroid Prime 4? Is there a reason it wasn’t at the show this year?

Trinen: It’s still in development.

Bihldorff: But yeah, we’re not featuring it at E3 this year.

Trinen: I think the main thing is, as people have probably realized by now – we show things when we think we’re ready to show them. And when we think we’re ready to show Metroid Prime, we’ll show Metroid Prime.

More than a logo?

Bill: [Laughs] Last year was the first year for Switch at E3, so we took a bit of a departure from our usual approach to E3, which is to focus on more near-term stuff. Last year, because it was the first year for the hardware, we looked at things that were maybe a little further out. This year, you can see pretty clearly, we’re back to focusing on the near-term. We’ll have more to share with Metroid Prime 4 when we have something we think is going to wow people.

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