Darkstalkers in Street Fighter V

More Darkstalkers Costumes Come To Street Fighter V

by Imran Khan on Sep 17, 2018 at 12:35 PM

Capcom really likes Darkstalkers when it comes to adding new costumes to Street Fighter V, apparently. In addition to the previous costumes from earlier this year, Capcom is adding three new Darksiders costumes to the game and bundling all six costumes together to sell.

The three new costumes include Chun Li, for whom an entire economy must be based on her costumes at this point, as ubiquitous Darkstalkers representative Morrigan, Ed as Demitri, and Menat as Felicia. This means that Menat has two costumes in the bundle, with the previous one being Khaibit, an assistant to Anakris. The other previous costumes had Urien as Donovan and Juri as Lilith. 

You can check out a video of the costumes in action below.

Recently, Yoshinori Ono indicated that Darkstalkers would return after previous failed attempts to get the new projects off the ground. Given the reports that Ono is no longer in charge of Capcom's fighting game division, it seems possible he was referring to new Street Fighter V costumes.

The bundle launches on September 26 for $14.99 or $3.99 individually

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