Darkstalkers Costumes Coming To Street Fighter V

by Imran Khan on Mar 27, 2018 at 12:42 PM

Darkstalkers may not have any new games on the horizon, but some costumes from the series are coming to Street Fighter V.

Fans of Lilith and Donovan will find their costumes on Juri and Urien respectively. Menat gets the strangest costume piece based on Khaibit, an assistant to Anakris that occasionally shows up during his special moves.

The three costumes are the newest in Capcom's crossover-happy costume strategy for Street Fighter V. Unlike the other ones, like Captain Commando or Monster Hunter armor, these sets are for purchase, not for earning through the Fight Money-controlled special battle. For fans who miss out on the special costume parts when they're scheduled, this might be a relief.

The costumes launch April 3 for $3.99 each on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

[Source: Capcom-Unity]


Our Take
Khaibit is such a weird choice for Menat and it makes me wonder if they just went that route because she already has a "Sexy Mummy" costume and this was the easiest thing to do.