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Cover Reveal – Dead Island 2

by Wesley LeBlanc on Dec 20, 2022 at 11:00 AM

Dead Island 2 was finally re-revealed earlier this summer, after nearly a decade of development across three different studios. Many have been anticipating this long-awaited sequel since its original reveal back in 2014, just a few years following the franchise's start. That's why I went to Nottingham, England, to go hands-on with the game for more than seven hours. And soon, you can read everything I learned because Dead Island 2 bloodies up this month's cover of Game Informer

Game Informer video editor Alex Van Aken and I visited Dambuster Studios in Nottingham to play two extensive portions of Dead Island 2, talk with the game's director about its development and why the team started with a blank slate, learn from the narrative lead about why a game with "island" in its name is set in Los Angeles, and so much more. We witnessed some of the audio team destroy watermelons with BBQ shredder claws to create the disgustingly awesome sounds that fuel each slash, thunk, kick, and hit within the game's unique F.L.E.S.H. system. We talked about pop culture inspirations, and why Dambuster Studios is aiming to – above all else – make zombies fun to kill and be killed by. 

And that's just a taste of what Issue 352 has to offer you this month.

Brian Shea visited Super Nintendo World in Japan, and you can check out his thoughts and pictures from his adventure. There's an excellent retrospective dive on Mortal Kombat 9 and its importance in NetherRealm's trajectory, as well as a look at the soon-to-be-defunct Google Stadia and what went wrong. We chatted with the lead of Venba about the importance of South Asian cuisine within that game. And if you're interested in Witchfire, we talked with the devs about the game's shift to a more open-world style.

Blake Hester walked the streets of Tokyo with two Tango Gameworks leads to talk about how the famed city was twisted, warped, and represented in Ghostwire: Tokyo.  I visited San Diego, California, to go hands-on with One Piece Odyssey, and to New York City to play a couple of chapters of Forspoken. You can read my thoughts on both alongside the various other previews we have packed in Issue 352, like new looks at Atomic Heart and Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. You'll also find issue mainstays like reviews, gear, and more, as well. And finally, be sure to check out this issue's One Last Thing for a chance to tell us what your favorite games of the year were in the latest Reader Poll

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