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March Cover Revealed – The Outer Worlds

by Matt Miller on Feb 05, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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The announcement of The Outer Worlds took the gaming world by storm when it appeared as part of 2018’s Game Awards. Its debut appearance revealed the first-person RPG draws strong inspiration from the Fallout series, but takes place in a brand new outer space setting. The comparisons aren’t surprising, as The Outer Worlds co-directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are two of the individuals most responsible for the original Fallout game’s release in 1997.

Even with all the excitement about the announcement, we were left with a wealth of questions about the game, so for our March cover story we visited Obsidian Entertainment for a deep dive into what the game has to offer.

Inside, you’ll find 14 pages chock full of new details, screenshots, and art from The Outer Worlds. We learned about the distant Halcyon star system that serves as the setting. A new demo showed off new playstyles for confronting encounters, including a surprising approach that focuses on leadership and companions. We learned about leveling, character progression, and skill acquisition – and saw the hilarious shrink ray weapon in action. We also spoke extensively with the developers at Obsidian about the scope and size of The Outer Worlds, the comparisons to Fallout, and more.

The March issue also afforded us the chance to learn more about Ubisoft’s upcoming release of The Division 2, with a thorough examination of how the game has grown from its predecessor, and is embracing a deep end-game experience. We visited the headquarters of the VR specialists at Oculus, and we’re happy to share a first look at a new fantasy adventure called Asgard’s Wrath, which aims to raise expectations for large-scale VR gaming. If you’re already planning your watch list for the next year, expect a multi-page feature on the most anticipated games of 2019 as well.

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Beyond our magazine coverage of The Outer Worlds, we drilled down for spotlight features and interviews across the full breadth of the game. We’ll be rolling that info out throughout the month, including a rapid-fire interview with Cain and Boyarsky, a closer look at the shrink ray, and much more. Watch the coverage trailer for more.

Click on the banner below to reach our hub for The Outer Worlds. We’ll be adding new content throughout the month to more fully explore what Obsidian’s new game has to offer.

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