Oculus Quest

Oculus Announces All-In-One VR Gaming Headset Called Oculus Quest

by Imran Khan on Sep 26, 2018 at 12:45 PM

Facebook and Oculus have announced that a new VR headset called Oculus Quest, making a gaming-focused standalone headset. This means that there's no computer or wires involved, everything you need is in the headset, except for the controllers you use to interact with it.

You can check out two videos below explaining it a bit better. The first, a dramatized introduction to the concept, is funny in just how hard Facebook goes to avoid referring to any other copyrighted properties like Mario or Pac-Man but wants to invoke them.

The second video goes into a bit more detail about the headset itself, but can basically be summarized as the same features as the Oculus Rift but without wires. It is more of a basic primer for VR than a deep dive into the Quest itself.

Oculus has only named a few of the 50 launch titles they expect to release, but they include shooter Robo Recall, The Climb, and Moss. The trailer has suggested that Beat Saber will also be on the docket.

The Oculus Quest is scheduled to release in Spring for $399.