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This Resident Evil Cosplayer Takes Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay To A Whole New Level

by Liana Ruppert on Apr 01, 2021 at 09:16 AM

Resident Evil Village looks cool and all, but what we all can't stop talking about is the Big Tall Vampire Lady, also known as Lady Dimitrescu. This massively tall character took the gaming world by storm – it even took over the KFC Dating Sim game – and now one Resident Evil cosplayer is upping the ante when it comes to Lady Dimitrescu cosplay (not that cosplay is a competition, as long as you're having fun!). 

The cosplayer in question is Candy with the wonderful photography and makeup done by @MilliganVick. The result from this pairing? A cosplay so good it could be in a movie: 

Lady Dimitrescu rightfully took the spotlight when Capcom first introduced her prior to the PS5 Resident Evil Village demo going live. Since then, the thirst in the gaming community came out in full force and an alarmingly high amount of people begged for her to stomp on their throats (hi, it's me, I'm people).

Coming in at over 9 feet tall, we couldn't help but to also poke fun at this fan-driven phenomenon with our annual April Fool's Game Infarcer coverage, including artwork that has the Big Tall Vampire Lady crushing Mr. X's frail-by-comparison body within her grasp

Thoughts on this Resident Evil cosplayer's Lady Dimitrescu cosplay? Thoughts on the character herself from what we know so far? Sound off in the comment section below and tell us all of those thirsty hot takes. 

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