CosBlog #20: Katt by Heidi Rogers

by Meagan Marie on Feb 25, 2010 at 04:41 AM

This week veteran cosplayer Heidi Rogers proves that no costume is impossible to pull off with a lot of creativity and some crazy airbrushing skills. Enjoy her take on the acrobatic Katt from Breath of Fire II.

Who: The Character
Katt, from Breath of Fire II.
Why: The Decision
“Breath of Fire II is, and always will be, an awesome old school RPG! I own it and have played it to death repeatedly, and still haven't grown tired of it. It’s one of my very favorite games, and my favorite character has always been the spunky Woren gladiatrix, Katt. While she puts up a ‘tough as nails’ front, she cares very much for her friends, and has a heart of gold.”
What: The Process
“Katt was a little bit of a challenge to create, as almost everything from her costume had to be made from scratch by patternmaking. I wanted this costume to be as accurate as possible while still being functional, and had a lot of fun thinking of different ways to make things work. I love a challenge!
“A lot of people who see me from a distance think I’m not wearing any clothes, which always gives me a laugh. To pull off the pantless catgirl look, I made a full bodysuit that comes up just under the top of her halter and stays up with clear bra straps. I dyed it just the right shade of orange, and then airbrushed the whole thing, placing the belly button over my own. The airbrushing process was the most difficult and stressful part of making this costume, since if I messed up, I could easily ruin the entire bodysuit!
“I then added the tail, and made toe socks out of the leftover bodysuit fabric. They have black claws made out of Fimo ( a polymer clay) that sit over my toenails, and I put heavy foam in the shape of pawpads on the bottoms so I can walk around without shoes! My favorite part of the costume though is definitely her staff. I made it from PVC piping, Fimo, and round Christmas ornaments, and love how it turned out after everything was painted and put together.
“I worked on this costume for about three weeks, right before a convention. Altogether, I’d say it cost me about $100 in materials and for the wig.”
Where and When: The Debut
“This costume is one of my favorites, and it was first debuted at Anime Reactor in 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve since worn it to several other conventions…I just can’t get tired of it. ^_^
“My photoshoot was done in a little park near my home with a friend who was practicing photography, and I had a blast watching people do double takes whenever they’d walk by us!”
Links: The Cosplayer
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