The Arrival Of Fierce Deity Link

by Jeff Akervik on Jan 07, 2011 at 01:12 PM

A couple years back I received my very first "high quality" gaming-related statue in the form of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I figured (pun!) it was time to take my love for the Zelda franchise to the next level – whatever that means. And so began a quest to try and flesh out an acceptable, if not slightly impressive, collection of gaming personas cast in wide array of materials. Ooh, how fun! But as I soon learned, such an endeavor wouldn't be cheap. As a result, I had to limit myself to those particular statues that really struck a chord with me as a gamer, quasi-nerd, and french fry lover. Yes, it is quite a burden indeed.

So following in the footsteps of my inaugural Link statue, I posted a blog pondering which bad ass piece I should attempt to acquire next. As you can see, some of my choices were somewhat lofty. OK, most of them were, but I pressed on regardless; and with a little patience and a massive amount of fortitude (and help from my wife), slowly but surely they've started to roll in.

Aerith was the second statue to come breezing through my door. A gorgeous piece to be sure, her pose perfectly encapsulates her graceful, brave demeanor right before she was turned into a human shish kebab. Absolutely love it – the statue, not the shish kebab part. (Oh wait, spoiler alert??? Gah. By the way, when does the statute of limitations run out on that? Seriously. 20 years? 40 years? When I'm dead? In the meantime, I apologize to anyone for whom I so carelessly disrespected by divulging the timeless secret that is Aerith's demise. Oh wait, is that another spoiler? I assumed the whole human shish kebab thing pretty much sealed the deal. Anyway, moving on.)

First OoT Link and then Aerith – not a bad start if I do say so myself. But there's been one statue I've had my eye on from the first moment I plumbed the depths of poly-stone gaming goodness. A statue that I never even dared to dream would one day reside in my possession. A statue that strikes fear and awe into any man, woman, child, dog, fly, soda pop can, and sock that foolishly enters its gaze. A statue by which all other statues are ultimately judged by and thereby destroyed. That's right, Fierce Deity Link (of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask fame) has entered the building.

I will say that this is hands down the most impressive statue I've seen in person. He's much larger than I anticipated and that only adds to the imposing sense of dread he evokes while sitting on my desk. Even as we speak, I'm worried he's going to bury that giant sword of his right into my mouse hand. Yes, I said 'mouse hand'. We all have one. It's the hand you use to operate the mouse of a computer. Without it, you're a goner and can't adequately access Facebook.

So other than my constant fear of what Fierce Deity may or may not do next, I can't help but marvel at his grandness. In fact, I was so stoked when I finally received him that I immediately hopped online and proceeded to add the next piece to my burgeoning collection – because I'm crazy like that. I'll divulge more details when she arrives some time later this year – that is, of course, unless you're oh so clever enough to figure it out on your own. It's not exactly brain surgery. Here's a sneak peak:

Ooh! The anticipation builds! Now if I can only muster up enough discipline to land that epic Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark resin statue without losing my mouse hand in the process.