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Writing Pokémon Live!: Nintendo's Forgotten Musical

by Ben Hanson on Sep 15, 2016 at 01:00 PM

You probably remember the Pokémon TV series. I'm sure you remember the trading card game, Pocket Pikachu, and even that they're in the process of making a live-action film. What might have slipped through the cracks of history for you is that Nintendo co-produced a multi-million dollar touring Pokémon musical in the year 2000. Based on an entirely new storyline, Pokémon Live centers around Ash Ketchum attempting to collect a new gym badge, discovering shocking revelations about his family, and battling a new Pokémon called MechaMew2. It's pretty weird. On this special edition of The Game Informer Show, we speak to the writer behind Pokémon Live, Michael Slade, about the tricky and surreal process of bringing the Pokémon franchise to the stage. If you enjoy this format, you should check out our previous special edition podcast all about recording the first Metal Gear Solid.