Respec Radio Ep. 15: Your Final Fantasy XIV Questions Answered

by Phil Kollar on Oct 05, 2010 at 02:15 PM

We've done it again! This week's edition of Respec Radio, Game Informer's World of Warcraft and MMO podcast, is shorter than usual, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty of room for screaming, name-calling, and a teensy bit of insight. We kick things off with a very shouty discussion between Andy McNamara and Adam Biessener on whether or not Brewfest's free epic loot is dumb and why Andy is upset at losing nerd points. Then we rub the Cataclysm release date in his face and discuss the delay for DC Universe Online.

In our featured segment, I answer your questions about Final Fantasy XIV. Has the final release of the game surpassed my initial mostly negative impressions? Is it a good MMO for beginners in the genre? And what's the big deal about the menu lag? Tune in below to find out, or subscribe to the podcast via our RSS feed.


Articles mentioned during this episode:
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On last week's episode, we asked listeners to post comments explaining why they hate the Alliance faction in World of Warcraft. Our favorite entry and the winner of a new StarCraft II collector's edition is Mike D.! Thanks to everyone who entered!