The Game Informer Show Ep. 33: Rock Band 3, Summer of Arcade

by Phil Kollar on Aug 05, 2010 at 03:10 PM

Another week, another crazy packed episode of the Game Informer Show! This week, we kick off with Miller and I joined by a STUDIO FULL OF GUESTS from Harmonix: manager of communications John Drake, senior designer Sylvain Dubrofsky, Dance Central project lead Kasson Crooker, and Rock Band 3 project lead Daniel Sussman. This rowdy crew breaks down both of Harmonix's upcoming releases (Rock Band 3 and Dance Central) while taking time to discuss the unique ass-tracking abilities of Kinect. No joke!

In our second segment, I'm joined by Jeff Marchiafava, Meagan VanBurkleo, and Andrew Reiner to talk about this year's Xbox Live Arcade "Summer of Arcade" releases. Limbo, Hydro Thunder, Castlevania, Monday Night Combat, and Lara Croft all get discussed, as well as our overall feelings about this year's Summer of Arcade offerings.

And to wrap things up, Reiner sticks around while Jeff Cork and Ben Reeves join in for a reader mailbag. You sent in your questions about the games of the summer and fall, and we answer them. We also spend a while talking about Ben's inability to walk down stairs and Jeff's pure hatred for the Halo franchise. You have to hear it for yourself!

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Some stuff mentioned on this week's show:
Quick 15: Limbo
Quick 15: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Music on this week's episode is provided by Random (aka Mega Ran) and K-Murdock from the album Forever Famicom. Check it out streaming on Bandcamp or visit his website for more info.