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Special Edition Podcast: Dead Rising 2

by Phil Kollar on May 18, 2010 at 11:24 AM

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It’s over already? We’re wrapping up our month of special Dead Rising 2 coverage with a developer Q&A and roundtable discussion. In our first segment, we talk with Blue Castle Games’ president and Dead Rising 2 executive producer Rob Barrett and Capcom’s Shin Ohara to answer our readers’ questions. Where’s Frank? Are the AI survivors idiots this time around? We cover all of this and much more. After that, I sit down with Nick Ahrens, Phil Kollar, and Tim Turi to reminisce about the first game and discuss our hopes and expectations for the sequel. And in between it all, we've got some selected music from the first Dead Rising's eclectic soundtrack.

Listen to the podcast below, and for more Dead Rising 2 info check out our hub page.